Gathering and Maintaining quality Proxy Leech Lists

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Gathering and Maintaining quality Proxy Leech Lists

Post by gohcht » Wed Jul 19, 2006 5:13 am

Teach a Leach an UPDATED Proxy Hunting How-To for Rookies
ß|T | H | C | H | O | G|à


Guide Overview
The purpose of this guide is to show leechers some easy ways to gather and maintain good proxy lists for leeching so they can give a little back, to the boards in which they take so much. There is a list of tools, where to got them, tutorials, and a few of my methods to get the job done. I do not go over all the tools and even if I did there are always many more tutorials on this subject so find them and use them, never rely on any one source or guide for your information or instruction.

Step 1.

Use Google or any, rather and every SE, along with the tools for searching google provided and gather lists of sites that post anonymous proxies daily, hourly or live. Here are some things I do, to do that task, you of course can change them to fit your needs or use any method you like so long as you end up with a leech list that will yield anonymous proxies.

Step 2.
Leech Sites you have listed. Separate the sites that do not return any proxies from those that do. Do additional searches on them. . I would recommend never throwing away URL’s that code’s out or returns 0 results at first, separate them into a separate list you can later go back and use numerous methods to either fix the links or find the sites or redirects through googlin’.


Through testing I noticed a few times that one leecher would pick up proxy lists where the others did not based on website or forum security or code. No HUGE difference 2000-5000 ip’s at the most. Grabber is superb and offers some very cool site association and consolidation options to assist and speed up leeching.e few awesome cleaning options APL does. FPL is by far the fastest and most productive but is NOT free and is difficult to configure what little you are allowed. Nonetheless if you can do it right it is probably the best leecher available that I have used

-->Grabber - rarely missed, easily filters out bad ports, which you may NOT want, such as planet labs, pretty much any ip from 3124,3127,3128,8888 which I exclude from my leeching, you do as you wish. Speed Ratio is sometimes about a tie with APL, but in most cases APL is faster. Got IP's from sites APL could not, but not many. Update the new grab 0.6 I found today, it has more options and allows some sorting and filtering options. It’s a very good lecher, still lacks the ability to remove and or parse leech list based on results. Grabber tends to just shut off at the same time you are saving and you lose everything, be fast or try, try, again. UPDATE: Grabber does offer some very cool sorting options I sped through to quickly to notice. You can actually save a leech list (in their format) and have a "section" which is 1 line with a dropdown (+) So you can put the root or index leech page there and then the 1-20 (or whatever) additional pages within it so the sites that actually produce can be sectioned by root or by say by how successful they produce, and you can easily edit these. Also though you can't delete the found proxies they list the actual leech page each proxy came from, when making a clean list that only hits this is a valuable option.

-->APL - rarely misses, easily cleans up your leech list with 2 clicks (remove all bad url, time-out url, and or url that were good and did not time out yet did NOT produce any proxy) or sorts by results, which I love. Speed ratio is close to Grabber but APL usually wins. Missed a few sites grabber did not for some reason? I save all results that return proxies to one list titled positive returns under APL and the code returns under another and the 0 returns under another. I then try the 0 and code under a different lecher and see what happens. APL like Grabber tends to just shut off at the same time you are saving and you lose everything, be fast or try, try, again

à FPL – If you are willing to pay or otherwise have access to this tool it’s a hell of a leecher. If you get the format down to add additional GOOD forums that post lists of proxies, it will go from top to bottom, page 1-2 and leech those lists. It then removes dups. and tests them using a tool called bleach. I personally do not use or post proxies I do not validate through Charon, and advise you do the same. FPL when working right kicks proxy ass, that’s all I’m saying. Now its process can be duplicated quite successfully with APL you just need to daily update your leech lists with the forum posts that have been made since you last visit. I use this method as it prevents leeching lists already leeched.

-->Proxessor - By FAR the slowest and most resource consuming of the 4 tested but it access's site all 3 of the above missed, while still getting the ones they did not, further more it will search google cache unlike any other I have seen, a 10 page search produced under 100 from any from the three tools above. While Proxessor found over 3,000. Take this with a grain of salt since cached IP's are probably old, or dead, but if you are a good searcher and can get your results to filter into a date range that could be useful this CAN be a GREAT thing to use and speed up that process. The tool is no longer updated or maintained but very useful in certain respects. There is little to no documentation on this except for a few posts at deny in the public folder where the creator announced it or at the creators website SuppSoft.

Below is an example I just made using 4 different proxy leeching tools at their latest and greatest versions on the exact same leech list all running at the same time. I figure since the most asked question of people new to proxy leeching is, do they really die that fast and if it is normal to only get like 7-15% of the total tested?Yes and Yes, and yes it sucks, get over it. The results give you a visual to the above.
APL ------------11464------ 4459-------7075------226
Proxy Grab-----6547---------0---------6547------234
Conan---------- 10341------3856-------6485------192
Proxessor------11356------ 4695------- 6661------231

Step 3: Once I separate only the sites that return proxies I consolidate them and then slowly over time test them alone or with a couple other sites depending on amount. I take just their groups returns, which are relatively small or made that way and test each group right after leeching. I then separate the leech sites that not only return proxies but also return anonymous proxies and eventually you will have that list of sites listing proxies that are quickly stripped and produce some form of anonymous proxy every run.

Anyways hope this helps to get you thinking creatively on how you will gather manipulate and clean your lists!

Tips and Advice from my experiences, readings and/or findings

Tip 1. Once you find a decent leech site take a portion of its url (or other unique things to the page such as: posters name, titles, powered by, motto’s, quotes, anything unique) and search it with the following terms and find many other pages:

Tip 2. Another thing I have never really seen in a tut that I use that seems to work very well (when lucky) is simply taking a handful of ip address’s listed on any site and search for them. In most cases they are listed on other sites and you can then find URL’s of other proxy listing leech pages. For instance go to {I HAVE EXCLUDED ANY REAL NAMES}
http://www. aforum.listingproxylists /forum/index.php?showtopic=4447 –
from which I take 1 random ip – –

It is also posted at -

You can quickly gather a leech lists this way, though they are very well known and used leech lists, expect life span to be short. You can also use this method on your lists to see if your great list is everyone’s great list as well. Also always make sure if you want true Anonymous proxies you use the correct pages that only contain lists of anonymous proxy’s, not transparent, or gated.

Tip 3. I use Opera as it allows me to parse any page for all the links, this helps you get around sites that do not allow right click or that mask urls or that list 1000 urls, such as forums, that take forever to get links 1 by 1 from. BUT if you use IE you can get the same end result by going to any good SEO site. Search Link Extractor and there are many free online tools that do the same, you just won’t get the benefit of seeing the titles next to the links like you would in Opera, additionally you will get all the crap links you do not want since its all or nothing with these tools. I frequently run my leech lists through a link valuators to keep only the best working links in my list. I also go through them to get familiar with them, to weed out worthless ones, and to search the variables for additional listing sites. Here’s my opinion of worthless ones, you may feel differently, so clean as you see fit based on your results.
Archives – can be useful in theory, tend to not be useful in practice. But use them for searching. I have found many unknown or great IP listing sites from scanning a IP or leech site no longer working from an archive years old. Even better and more often I find tools and tutorials long since lost.
Text, Docs, Zip, Rarif it is in a text or a zip or a rar I usually skip them. Sometimes they are full of goodies but usually OLD stale ones. i avoid any of these:

BlogsNot bad as a rule but check them closely any place that has no restrictions on content usually does not contain good content, take XISP for example. You have to follow numerous steps, abide by rules, give before take, and this is why the content is better than most.
Huge returns- Any time 1 site returns 15,000 proxies there crap, you’ll notice any site that has good proxies and updates them regularly will never and I repeat never have more than a 100 or 200 per page if not per site. Once again your choice but I would review any large results from a singe page (or site for that matter) closely, it is a huge waste of time to check 15k proxies thru Charon and get 7 good ones. Which is the reason why I do all these steps because in the end I get the same amount of good proxies from a 5,000 list as I did from a 25,000 list. The end justifies the means.

Tip 4. The source is of course the source of course! Never leave or enter a site before you do. Keep in mind SO many of the sights you visit are related, affiliated, or operated by the same people, follow the links of the links of the links of the links and so on…..for instance there are 3 HUGE listing sites that are all owned by 1, furthermore if you find them, look at their archives or there new section, they actively scan 20 other large listing sites, why go to 20 when you can get the content of them all from 1?

Tip 5.Pay attention to the URL’s in your leech lists, it’s easy to have duplicates programs will not remove for you do to slight differences. For instance: and and and
These will not be caught but manually. Another one is: and
Worse yet having a mixture of all 6 just plain wastes time and energy if not pruned. My goal is to have a list that can get 20,000-50,000 ip’s in less than 5 minutes, that is different from the list I got yesterday leeching the same sites, Its all about the quality to get the quantity.
Another is in regards to forums: ... #entry9583 ... d&pid=9583 ... =4221.html
http://www.aforumlistingproxylists/foru ... t4221.html
All are the same posted list, so again manual effort will need to be used as I am unaware of a tool that would clean this for you up front. You can also keep a sloppy list, duplicated IP’s will be weeded out at some point by the leecher or Charon it justs speeds up your gathering in the long run to have clean leech lists. I also remove any URL’s that contain;

If you find any from the nineties I’d be surprised. The above detail is all you need to create your own specific and effective googlers too by putting the correct part of the url or wish list

Tip 6 Here are a few methods I came up with to use to search for new Proxy Judges. Warning, it will require a slight manual effort:
inurl:"azenv*" .pl OR .php OR .cgi
inurl:"/cgi-bin/*prxjdg" .pl OR .php OR .cgi
inurl:"/forum/*?*=*" intitle:proxy judges intext:azenv OR V2.3*
Ways to search I found on web
Azenv Judges
intitle:"AZ Environment variables 1.04"
inurl:azenv filetype:php

ProxyJudge ... yjudge.cgi
Alternatively you can replace any of my keywords with keywords you think would work better from any valid judge url (Like the ones already provided in Charon) with nice results. Make sure you click repeat search to bring about all the results, also below is an updating list.

Tip 7: None of the leechers really allow great manipulation, but Raptor does. There is a tut above, relate the proxy to the user and the port to the pass and follow the instructions that apply to your desired end result. It will take some learning but well worth it. I use it to sort remove dups., find ranges, sort by port, and make filter lists (or clean them) for Charon with the ones it has determined bad. It is also great at cleaning your leech site lists and removing duplicates. Alternatively if you are good in excel or access (then you can be in Raptor too) Raptor uses the same concepts. I use excel as much as any other tool, though I have additional add-ons for data manipulation. You can find free ones that should cost money they are so good by searching for “ASAP UTILITIES” for spreadsheets or excel, they are MS approved and dam useful Of course you can use Charon for a lot of this as well.

Furthermore I have come to realize there is NO perfect list, BUT there is 4-5 Perfect lists, customized to each leecher based on results, I have much success (just like wordlists to sites) customizing leech lists to tools.

Tip 8. I used to have a lot of problems with Charon, and I know others do to (and YES it is you) few things I have done that have pretty much eliminated my issues and sped the process up (for ME) are:
a. I immediately remove all socks proxy ports, if you are looking for them you probably do not use Charon to validate them, so don't make it try. You can easily sort them and cut and paste to a text for the tools you use for socks ahead of time. So if you want to see yourself while it’s running open the connect options and uncheck anything socks, watch your ETA and you actual time before and after, it’s faster -minus socks.
b. It may sound weird but for me running my test twice is faster than once (this is NOT mean your second validation test) I run at 1/2 my normal timeout with a couple retry's, then retest the timeouts with 0 retry's at my normal timeout time. I get twice the proxies in the same if not less time than just running them all through at my regular to with no retries.
c. Also I use the same judges on Charon as C-Force and since I am using C-F use it to validate them last before attacking and though the list divides by 2-3 they are dam good proxies. I don't know if this will help anyone or not but it’s the best process I've used to date.
Google –
Google File Share:
Tutorials relating to the above tools:

APL ... tures.html

ProxyGrab ... b.v0.6.rar

Forum Proxy Leecher ... DBm3EwOlr2

Charon ... t2788.html


Raptor 3

Proxessor: ... d938bcee4e ... ient=opera

MultiProxy ... tures.html

SocksCap ... tures.html

Access Diver ... tures.html

ProxyHunter ... tures.html



SocksChain ... 11.151.exe

Cracking AIO’s
Athena 1.6, Charon,Combressor (Searches the internet in order to find combo lists
(aaa:bbb) or combo URLs (http://user:pass@www… And lists all combos it can find on all pages you specify)
- Once is enough 4.1 (make multiple wordlists), Lucifer 01.5 (makes awesome combolists) - Processor (Lists all proxy servers it can find on all pages you specify. New: Now you can directly upload these IPs via FTP!) Proxessor (Uses a search engine to find and verify ProxyJudge servers) StAPH (awesome password leeching program) Proxygrab [1]0.5 (does what the name says)- Rapidshare Premium Account Pre-checker, Z-leecher (leech forum proxy-lists) a proxy leech list
IP Anonymous Tools includes: Anonymity 4 Proxy - Barefoot IP Monitor -MultiProxy -NetConceal Anonnymizer -Invisible Browsing -IP Switch Pro -Hide IP Platinum -Smart Proxy Helper -Super Proxy Helper -Proxy Switcher Pro -
Get Anonymous Pro -CCProxy -SurfAnonymous -Steganos Internet Anonym Pro -Go-Liberty -iPrivacyTools (Proxy Changer) -+ VisualRoute 2006 Server Edition + List of free anonymous websites
Password = dreatica.CL
Contains – Athena, Parsley, Raptor, VL Strip, LogSucker, S-word tool, VCU, ALS Novice, Staph, Horny Stripper, XXXpassfinder, and many others including tutorials.

Upped by h1ght3ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks you you sir!

Socks and Proxys Tester. also Leecher, needs list. ...

Test SOCKS and Proxys, also Leeches Socks or http Proxys from a url list.
Test Socks 4 and 5 at same time. ...

Test Your Socks5 List. ...
OR ...

Leeches Socks or http Proxys from a url list, then option to Test.

Proxy Checker also scanner. ...
OR ...

checks to see if proxys is working. just load a list. ...
OR ...
OR ...

Proxy checker also Leecher. ...

Grabs proxys from a http or socks url list.
OR ...
OR ...

Leeches proxys and socks. nice and easy to use. ...
OR ...

Proxy leecher, has built in url list. ...

Proxy Leecher also checker. ...

leeches socks. ...
OR ...

Leecher, needs list. also socks and proxys tester. ...

has built in http proxy list, most are usually updated. may load own list too. ...

Leeches Http Anons ,also Socks. ...
OR ...

leeches around 15,000 SOCKS 4/5 in a few seconds. After grabbed list you can save it or test them. ...
OR ...

leeches http proxys ...
OR ...

Scan 9 Different socks IP ranges at same time with amount of socket options and choose different ports too! can scan one IP if you want. ...

scanner also proxy checker. ...
OR ...

this is the follow up to the proxy filtering program calamity. It provides a fully customisable way of filtering out unwanted proxys via control files, a proxy tester to check anonymity and a fully functional search engine crawler to find lists of posted proxys. ...

Find new proxy server list daily updated. Automatically search and extract free proxy server from websites that provides daily updated proxy list.
thousands of proxys in minutes.
OR ... _.rar.html
OR ... ...

Socks scanner, easy to use just load up a list of socks ip's to scan.
example: starts off like ends like then switches to next ip. ...
OR ...

I Put these tools together, found it useful

-Automated Proxy Leecher
-Leech URL

-Anonmity tips ...

Proxy Finder 1.6: Find 3000+ new free proxy server list in 10 seconds.
Download from ... erver.html

Socks 5/4 scanner update. option to scan socks5 or socks4. needs good ip ranges.
OR ...
OR ...


· Managing / checking HTTP proxy lists
· Proxy list printing
· Proxy anonymity level detection
· Determines type of the proxy server (Anonymous/Transparent)
· Determines speed of the proxy server
· Determines Location (country) of the proxy server
· Recognize different formats of proxy list (separated by colon, spaces, tabs, etc.)
· Proxy finder (Proxy Hunter)
· Supports multi-threading (can check many proxies simultaneously)
· Check Proxy Professional is blazing fast.
· It requires less CPU/network resources than regular proxy checking software. ... 20-554.EXE

1. Managing / checking SOCKS proxy lists
2. Proxy list printing
3. Determines speed of the proxy server
4. Determines Location (country) of the proxy server
5. Recognize different formats of proxy list (separated by colon, spaces, tabs, etc.)
6. Proxy finder (Proxy Hunter)
7. Supports multi-threading (can check many proxies simultaneously)
8. Check Proxy Professional is blazing fast.
9. It requires less CPU/network resources than regular proxy checking software. ... 20-554.EXE
Thanks 2 h1ght3ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any suggestions or tools you have in addition to the above is more than welcome and much appreciated…..

ß|T | H | C | H | O | G|à

For those that actually read this far here’s a bonus, I’ll give you 1 of the only 2 searches you should ever really need, sorry the other one will allow you to F*** up my game, and I need anonymous proxies toooo!!! Thchog…. ... 29+intitle%[...]2A%3A6588%22%29

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Post by Ch0wn » Thu Jul 20, 2006 1:13 am

Very interesting tutorial! :D

Oh yeah, and thanks for the link ;)
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Post by Nullset » Thu Jul 20, 2006 6:12 am

Very nice tutorial

thnx for all teh links
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Post by Net Battle Bot » Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:36 am

An excellent tutorial. Many thanks for posting!
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Post by B-Con » Tue Jul 25, 2006 12:10 am

Original. We give high points for that. Well done too. :-)

(Btw, fixed bold tag and shortened URL. ;-) )
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Post by gohcht » Tue Jul 25, 2006 12:50 am

Thanks all, much nicer than the truth. I overalize everything intil I can pick apart. After I submitted the tut I wanted to put the proxy gathering to use and started BF, and this morning to my suprise I found myself in need of a lot of anonymous proxies, real quick. Yet al I had wasw a very long drawn out 401k type of proccess to get me there. Well it did not, but I did with nothying nore than Opera, Charon, ProxyGrab, and Excel gather and leech well over 4,000 anon, in just a few hours starting with no more data source than 1 ip address.
I noted you sticky on pictures and took screen shots thruogh the process and am going back for ones I missed now. I NEVER (ok rarely) keep any knowledge to myself, If I know it, You know it and I appreciate the same, but I am hesitating.
1. I like the fact not to many people know just how good Opera really is for the hacker, better yet a seeker. And populatiry has never helped anything in the long run.

OH... Thanks for the clean up, I am new to any type of coding, but actively aquiring more knowledge and appreciate next time rather you tell me whats wrong and maybe a direction to learn the fix and I will gladly fix and learn so you can have one less idiot to pick up after.


2. There mine, all mine, get away!! :-)

lol, Hopefully I will have it done tomorrow or following. It will definetely be original and different.

I have been having a lot of fun reading through your oldies, and finding all the links that everyone complained no longer existed, my kind of shit man.

All the best, I'll be around....


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Re: Gathering and Maintaining quality Proxy Leech Lists

Post by konecsveta » Sat Aug 08, 2009 8:48 am

cos I need fresh anon proxies my list is every day, hour updated and very rarely same sites leeched again, all just with AD and it works ;) but your tool list is.. complete like never seen before, thank you ;)

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Re: Gathering and Maintaining quality Proxy Leech Lists

Post by james565 » Wed May 23, 2012 4:23 am

This is a great list, thanks :) I'm a huge fan of the proxy goblin as it gathers me a fresh proxy list numerous times every day.

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