A few quick changes

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A few quick changes

Postby Aiden » Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:46 am

Hey dudes and dudettes, the admins here at Hackerthreads have been working behind the scenes to cool-ify the forums a lot today, so I thought I'd just document a few things we've done.

First off, you've no doubt noticed we rearranged the boards (and renamed a few) to make things more organized and logical. We also added a board for Programming / Scripting Tutorials.

All of the boards are now visible to everyone, even if they're not logged in.

We now have new BBcode.
NSFW: show
You can use the nsfw tag for things that aren't safe for work - hey, sometimes they're relevant
Spoiler: show
Or you can use the spoiler tag to hide things from view temporarily
Also, because v0idE and I are complete badasses, we pruned all users that had 0 posts and hadn't logged in since January 1st of this year, freeing up around 15,000 names for use.

We've got a few other updates coming that are significant, so I'll leave those for another post when the release date approaches. :)
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