SMTP/MX record port advertising?

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SMTP/MX record port advertising?

Post by izua » Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:44 am

Hey, izua here. I've been reading your stuff, finally decided to join the forums.
I'll get to the point. I'm configuring my private/dev server. My isp unlocked port 25 outbound (at my request), and 25 inbound is still locked. Tech support is well - tech support - they keep telling me mail is received on 110. Personally, I could do with no 25 outbound (thus using their relay), and using 25 inbound.

Is there any way to receive mail without a mailhop/port forwarder (or is any mailhop out there that's free for little traffic)? I've been told you can advertise a different port in your MX record, but I found nothing about this. Advertising a different port in the zonefiles would be awesome.

I've tried various tricks in my zonefiles, using both qualified and unqualified domain names, but nothing seems to work.

What I want is to send and receive email to/from my zones for free.

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