HackThisZine #12 Released!

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HackThisZine #12 Released!

Postby hack4crack » Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:21 am

Hackbloc Releases HackThisZine #12! (from https://hackbloc.org/content/hackthiszine-12-released)

Hackbloc is proud to announce the newest release of our zine, HackThisZine. You can grab copies pre-formatted for online reading and printing at https://hackbloc.org/zine. HackThisZine is an online and in-print periodical about hacking, hacktivism, social struggle, computer security, and anarchism. It's got a little content for everybody and a lot of content for that special someone. This issue has a ton of new tools, interviews, and more!
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Inside: Quick and Dirty Guide To a Fairly Secure Twitter Gateway FBI Makes Big Media Splash While Attempting to Prosecute Anonymous Court Documents in Case Against Goatse Hackers Reveal Unknown Snitches Anonymizing Logs with LogRotate Interview with TorrentFreak.com A Phone Home Script for Hostile Environments How to Use Electronic Dead Drops and Feel Like a KGB Agent Using Secure Pastebin Services to Beef Up Your Email Security How to Make a Network Tap .. and much more news, reportbacks, and tools from the front lines of hacktivism.
Questions? Comments? Article Submissions? Get a hold of us at: staff [at] hackbloc [dot] org. We can get bulk copies for distro and for your infoshop/social center/space.

Thanks to everyone who helps keep our bits flowing securely and to everyone who helped work on this issue of the zine: Ringo, Discordia, Anonymous, The Pirate Bay,
2600, the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks Crew, alxciada, anders, flatline, evoltech, sally, sexy hexy, frenzy, AnarchistNews.org (good work with the /ban trolls), postmodern modulus III, RiseUp.net, March-Hare Collective and everyone else who we forgot that is working to protect and support the struggle. Thanks to all of those resisting police violence in their communities, all those facing state oppression, and those engaged in the struggle everywhere.
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