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To inform you about cyberwarzone i will have to start about the mission of the portal.

The portal is a place where people can get information and knowledge on cyberspace issues, i believe that issues on cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism will only grow.

The thought that these issues will become world wide made me initiate cyberwarzone. The portal is build to provide knowledge to the world and with the help of the right partners the portal can become a legal information source. As with the events on wikileaks the website grew to 20 000 unique visitors a day, today it is only 1000. (I don't advertise)

The other project is made to collect news from around the world. This project is called WorldWideNews you can find it on This projects "grabs" feeds from around the world and puts them on a list or a GEO-TAG enabled map. (GEO-tagging allows people to see where the news was published).

And then we have the forum. This is a forum for security experts and people that want to gain and discuss topics on cyberspace issues.

The website:
The worldwidenews website:
The Cyber warfare forum:

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