Harmony One Problem

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Harmony One Problem

Post by susan12 » Mon Aug 13, 2012 10:19 am

Hey all,

I just finished building my first HTPC XBMC build and I am running into issues with the remote. I have a logitech Harmony One. I purchased a cheap remote on Amazon that came with an IR dongle (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001M56..._s00_i03).

The problem is, when I configure the remote using the software (I am familiar with using this software as I've has a One for years) I have to tell the remote the make/model of the IR dongle. Therefore, when I try to configure MC Keyboard commands, it does not send them to the correct "device". Any commands sent to the IR dongle model (Chinavision CVSB-983 in Logitech software) works, but any command I tell to use from the MC Keyboard device doesn't make it.

Is this because I got the wrong kind of IR dongle? Or is there a way that I can send MC Keyboard commands to the Chinavision IR?




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Re: Harmony One Problem

Post by Thor » Thu Sep 06, 2012 9:49 pm

IR usually just works, plug n' play. But it obviously isn't here. With Harmony remotes, you sometimes need them to be specifically Microsoft certified to work. look it up with them. Sounds like your dongle.

Also, and out of curiosity, about how much was it for the XBMC build?
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