problem with unsecuret AP

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problem with unsecuret AP

Post by BehroozException » Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:33 am

Hi all Master....

i find a wireless AP unsecured.
at first i can't connet directly.
then in backtrack 5 run live mode and in new termnal run command airodump-ng i realize that station mac address is:68:a8:6d:3a:ea:62
i try changing my mac address in BT5 and match same clinet
but still cann't connet!?

i think that configure ip address and netmask and gate way
sniffing AP with wireshark and decoded Cap file find all ip and configuration and try first match mac and
secoundly set the ip in USE Static IPs options.... every thing is ok so far.
but when i tried to connect give erorr "Connection Failed: unable get ip Address"

specification all info about Access point is :

Clinet Mac Address:68:a8:6d:3a:ea:62

how can connect thise Ap? where is my act is mistake?
by the way i attach Sniff file format CAP for using wireshark to facility solve my porb
i hacke wep wpa2 wps and more.... and i have skill in network hacking.

what trickish use?
PlS help and instruct...thankful

link sniffing file :

thanks again

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Re: problem with unsecuret AP

Post by SkriptAsylum » Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:29 pm

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? You say 'unsecured AP'- as in, there's no encryption being used? More information is needed before we can really help...
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Re: problem with unsecuret AP

Post by Thor » Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:51 pm

I wonder if by client he means the AP? And by not connecting he means he though they were mac filtering? If that's true, he needs to match an actual client and not the AP. Other than that, all I got out of the post was that he's statically capping WEP errors...
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