My Favourite / Most Used Tools

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My Favourite / Most Used Tools

Post by de1erious » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:48 pm

So as my first post on this forum I figured I'd share my favourite tools of the trade. I use them on a debian based system but most of the programs are offered in other formats as well.

Port Scanning:

Of Course.. nmap
I think the main debian repo has it as well.
apt-get install nmap

amap - Similar to nmap.. but different. Worth checking out.

IPv6 Attacks - my new hobby.

Think it takes a lot to brick a smartphone, laptop, tablet, running even the most secure OS's? Think again.
There's are some very interesting IPv6 exploits I've been toying with. Notably the router flood attacks and how with one laptop, tablet or cellphone, it's, I, and YOU, are able to take down ANY NUMBER of computers attached to the same network.

You have to play around with different exploits to get different OS's and Devices but almost every major used device is susceptible to being a useless DDoS'd paper weight for the length it takes to run the exploit. Some macbooks won't respond until after their given a hard reset by removing the battery or letting it drain.

Remote Exploitation:

Probably nothing new.. but


and it's GUI.. not just for script kiddiez


Nessus: ... ing-system

Wireless Cracking:

This is something I find neccesary on any portable device with a packet injecting wireless card.


These are just the tools I use the most often. If they are things you all know and love I'm glad to hear it :) If not.. let me know if you need help configuring or using the tools.

I'm glad to be apart of the forum.


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