Help with Virus PLEASE?

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Help with Virus PLEASE?

Post by christopherieom » Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:47 pm

I keep getting reports from Avg free saying that i got a threat that is named Win64/Patched and its object name is c:\windows\system32\rpcss
When i click to remove it, it wont let me.
please help

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Re: Help with Virus PLEASE?

Post by Cool_Fire » Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:38 pm

This seems more like a question for a general computer help forum than a hacker forum but I digress.

The rpcss.dll file in question is a legitimate part of the windows OS and is needed to for it to function properly. The problem is that something has patched (modified) this file for whatever purpose.

If you have a full backup you can just restore the file from there, otherwise you may try looking on something like your windows install CD (if you have one) or far less ideally on a site like to get an uninfected copy of the file.

Since it is an integral part of windows it generally cannot be replaced when the system is running (though I've not tried it for this specific file myself) so you'll have to either boot another system like from a linux live cd or put the drive in another computer in order to replace the infected file.

Having said all that, it's entirely possible that the patched .dll file is just a symptom of another infection on your machine which may also still be active and patch the file again as soon as you've replaced it and start windows again. In that case you'll have to either find the root cause of the problem or just make a backup of your personal files and re-install windows.
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