Hacking Server Sided Game *Need Help*

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Hacking Server Sided Game *Need Help*

Post by Metalpriest » Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:56 am

Hello fellow members,
This is my first post in hackerthreads.org. Recently I have been trying to hack a few server sided flash games using various techniques and tools, namely packet editing and .swf file editing. I came across a game (a flash based server sided one), known as DDtank on Game321 (many of you might have heard of it). Till now, I have tried the following tools to try hacking the game, but nothing fruitful so far.

1. Tried using tamper data to edit requests
First of all I tried (unsuccessfully) to find some responses to certain actions in the game, for example clicking on the "item refine" button. There were no responses registered on either Fiddler or Tamper Data. Soon I found out the responses from cached files are not registered on these packet sniffing tools,and hence moved on to step 2.

2. I cleared the cache, logged in to the game, and started Tamper Data. I could now see several .swf files being loaded, and I saved them to my Desktop, which I later opened using Sothink Flash Decompiler. But I wasn't able to do anything ( actually didn't understand what to do). :mrgreen:

I have also tried to use Cheat Engine even after knowing its a server-sided game , but again, no success with that. :confused:

Please note that I am a newbie to this hacking stuff, and trying to learn something new. Direct answers are appreciated, but clues will do as well. I do have some experience hacking some games (like Social Wars on FB, Dragon Fable, Mech Quest). I would be really glad if you knowledgeable members could share some valuable experience or insight. I believe someone with prior experience with this game and hacking server sided games could point me in the right diection. :grin:

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Re: Hacking Server Sided Game *Need Help*

Post by Thor » Fri Apr 04, 2014 11:41 am

I've not really done much messing around with flash games before. It has piqued my interest before though. I will say this, whenever I am really wanting to see what is being transmitted to and from something, in almost any format, I usually take a look first with either Wireshark or tcpdump. I find that Wiresharks graphical interface makes finding things a little easier for me. Whether that be a one time piece of data or a bunch of data of type. Or sometimes I don't know what the hell I'm looking for and Wireshark will just grab everything for me to search through.

Then, I might try some specialized things as you have. Also, I'm not really sure what is contained in flash objects. I always thought it was just a container for images or sounds. If that is mostly true, you might consider leaving them alone and sending raw data to the game. The tools you are already using should be able to see most request going by and allow you to alter them on the way back. Maybe consider using Wireshark to take another look at the traffic. Close down other pages and networked programs to quite the traffic, press buttons and play the game to get data flowing.
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