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Need a tool? Ask here if someone knows one that does what you need, or maybe someone can even write you one.
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Bot Request

Post by xTeh » Fri Oct 31, 2014 7:45 pm

Hey guys, frankly I know very little about programming or hacking and general. As this is one of the few hacking forums that is still active, I thought i'd post here to see if anyone could help. What I'm looking for is a bot for a chat website called Zobe. The actual web address is Basically, I would like a bot that will farm karma for me. Or perhaps there is an even easier way to get karma through the coding of the site, but I'm not adept in that area. My brother is a programmer, but he said he was busy with actual work and didn't have time for such 'trivial' matters. He said the coding is pretty crappy though, so I might be able to find a way to do it, nonetheless it all looks like a bunch of gibberish to me. Also another chatter has done the same thing with bots, where he 'spawns' thousands of bots using different names under proxy's and have them transfer their karma to his main account.

So would there be any way that you guys might be able to help me out? Whether it is a bot or an exploit or something, I would enjoy a way to either hack karma or tokens. Thanks in advance, anything is better than nothing, even if it's just saying you can't do it. :grin:

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Re: Bot Request

Post by Cool_Fire » Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:19 pm

Not to discourage you but I don't think you'll find anyone here with sufficient time to waste on such things either.
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