how does one work around a borland dalphi 2.0 overlay in oll

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how does one work around a borland dalphi 2.0 overlay in oll

Postby just_tryin_joe » Thu May 14, 2015 1:07 pm

I have tried my best. Not a tech guru but need help.

I have a program id like to crack but searching for the error code after typing in the incorrect pin gives me nothing.
I suppose its due to the code being changed or compressed by Borland Dalphi. But have no way of working around it. .
Any help will do.
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Re: how does one work around a borland dalphi 2.0 overlay in

Postby Cool_Fire » Sat May 16, 2015 2:48 am

It sounds like you're trying to do some sort of reverse engineering task. The usual "industry standard" is probably IDA Pro. If you're on windows, olydbg is a good choice too.
But really the problem lies in how the application uses the PIN code. If it's just a check if it's the PIN it expects it might be pretty easy to bypass just by patching the a (few) JMP instruction(s). However, if it uses the PIN as part of a mechanism to encode or encrypt data in the application, your problem becomes significantly more difficult.

But perhaps you should explain in a little more detail what you're trying to do exactly because I can't shake the feeling it's not exactly what I think it is.
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