Webmaster Digger - All-in-one pack tools for webmaster

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Webmaster Digger - All-in-one pack tools for webmaster

Post by privateloader » Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:42 am


The Webmaster Digger tool provides a quick access to the following features:
- Google Cache (User just needs to input the domain)
- BlueCoat Site Review (Check the category of a site)
- Wayback Machine (Show the user how the domain look in the past)
- Google Similar Pages (Use the google interpreter to check for similar pages)
- SiteLike Similar (Another site to check for similar pages)
- Google Backlinks (Informs the links pointing to a site wrote by the user)
- Alexa Details (Statistics for the site you wrote)
- DomainTools Whois (View Whois of a site)

- Nameserver Lookup (Useful to retrieve subdomains or domains in the same nameserver)
[Doesn't work with Cloudfare sites, obviously]

- Bing IP Lookup (Search in Bing for sites using the same ip you wrote)
- Whoisology Archive (View Whois of a site or a email)
- Mcafee Threat Intelligence
- Google Transparency Report (Good to know if any copyright claim or to find sites)
- Chilling Effects (Keep inform about copyright claim in a site)

This is my favorite tools, what is yours?


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