DezFake V5 { Released! } Mr Email Spoofer ! @GOV @FBi - Take

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DezFake V5 { Released! } Mr Email Spoofer ! @GOV @FBi - Take

Postby dezired » Fri Jun 24, 2016 11:52 pm

See reply below this post for more info.

Send emails from any address without logging in!

Private Anonymous Server [
Bypass Spam Filters [
Spoof Any Identity [
Goes Into Spambox [X]

Youtube Proof Video

Download Link
[url]http:// [broken][/url]

Virus Scan ... 466345071/
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Re: DezFake V5 { Released! } Mr Email Spoofer ! @GOV @FBi -

Postby Cool_Fire » Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:37 am

Please note, this is live malware. I've left the post online for anyone interested in taking a look at it. I've had a brief glance at it already found it accesses browser history and proxy settings and connects back to the malware author's server. Also it seems like they're trying to get people to pay for the tool too, which would already disqualify it from legitimately being posted in this section.

Note to people looking for the type of mail sending functionality this program offers;
Learn some basics about SMTP and just do it yourself. It is really trivial to do.
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