Brutus help.

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Brutus help.

Post by n00bfullofquestions » Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:45 pm

Hi I need some help with Brutus. I know it's an old piece of shit as you all like to say but I want to know how I'm able to get gmail Instagram or SNAPCHAT passwords from it. I know gmail and Instagram are possibly impossible but snap is hacked all the time. Can someone help me do it and maybe run the steps for me if you can. Or have any suggestions?

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Re: Brutus help.

Post by Cool_Fire » Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:09 am

Short answer; it's not possible.

Long answer; All of the sites mentioned have a reasonable protection against brute force attacks. They are limited and throttled in a manner that makes brute force attacks like the one done by Brutus completely impractical at best.

On the specific subject of snapchat; They do not seem to employ as strict anomaly detection algorithms to their logins and password resets as google and facebook does. This means it's easier to try other types of attacks.

Example; If you install a keylogger and capture someones gmail credentials, and this user does not have 2-factor authentication configured, there is a good chance that google's anomaly detection algorithms will notice something is out of the ordinary when you try to log in and fail your login attempt, even though you supplied the correct credentials.
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