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Site hack

Postby tippythop » Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:24 pm

Hello there, I am not the greatest at hacking in general, but I do know alot of programming language so I'm not exactly a newbie haha. I am looking to get around a 401 error to a site that use to run an MMO. I have two IP's that are still running to this day that use to host the files for the MMO for updates and what not.

These IP's and are what I'm after. The main one right now is pulling a 401 authentication error. I have run Brutus a brute force program. Probably not the greatest tool to use but it pulls a few positive usernames which I guessed because I know the CEO's name who ran the MMO.

The launcher for the MMO still connects to the IP's to this day and still pulls files from these IP's. My main objective right now is to get alot of the files behind these IP's. I believe the source code may exist behind them not entirely sure. Any help is much appreciated, even compensation if someone really knows and can get around it.
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