Network Share Basics

Huge area to cover, we have assembled and written tutorials that have proven helpful over time.
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Network Share Basics

Post by weazy » Fri May 30, 2003 5:42 pm

So you have done your due diligence and mapped a network's shares. Now you want to see if they are vulnerable to anonymous connection -- which can lead to uploading helpful terminal control programs (see downloads.)

So what you do is open a browser and type \\ip.address.of.machine or \\machine_UNC_name if you are on the same subnet as the box you want to access shares on.

T the window will then display the available shares on the PC you connect to.

On winNT, 2K, XP this is a little more secure. The user will need a user account from the pc as well as the user password to be able to access shares (unless you specifically allow anonymous access, which is a stupid). On Win 9x the share only requires a password for access, which can be broken easier than on 2k. Also, there used to be a vulnerability in the UNC sharing that allowed a user to exploit a hole and gain access without knowing the password.
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