EHAP Interview (read this sucka)

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EHAP Interview (read this sucka)

Post by weazy » Fri May 30, 2003 7:18 pm

Can you tell us a little about EHAP and about yourself?

EHAP ( )is the oldest anti-childporn group on the net...we've been active for more than half a decade. We wish every single day that there would be no more use for groups such as ours, but unfortunately that won't happen for a while. We have never been much for publicity, since we feel that that puts the focus on us rather than on the cause. The kids are our concern, and we do what we can to make sure that justice is served.

We've helped law enforcement get a better understanding of the technicalities around the internet, in an attempt to make it more difficult for the pedophiles to get away with it in court. We've gathered a vast amount of information about pedophiles over the years, and quite a few of them are currently spending time in jail for their crimes.

As far as me goes...I'm just me..;)

EHAP (Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia), in which; you are Head of European Operations, was formed in 1996, but when did you become involved with it and why? 

I got involved late 1997. I knew tattooman, (the vice president and head of operations), and so when I found a picture of a naked 10 year old, I immediately dropped him the link. Back then, I was almost shocked by that picture. After the past few years of active hunting nothing shocks me anymore. I've seen way too much, way too young kids in way too sick pics. Makes me mad, upset, sad....but the feeling when the criminals go to jail is such a good's great to know we make a difference. That's my motivation. 

Is this a full time career for you or something you do in your free-time?

No. None of us "work" with EHAP. It's all volunteer work. None of us make any money off of it, rather the opposite. We have large phone bills, we spend many hours doing this, hours we could spend on other things if there was no such thing as this. We spend money traveling sometimes too, to go to meetings with law enforcement contacts etc.

We realize you are bound to non-disclosure when discussing your tactics for finding/catching pedophiles, but what are some of the challenges and duties that you perform on a regular basis, as a member of EHAP?

I don't see any of this as a duty. It's something I do by my own free will. ;) What I do is collect info, put it together, contact the law enforcements around the globe and let them know what's up.

Do you feel that law enforcement agencies are accepting of EHAP (and the services it provides)? 

Yes, most are very happy we're here. Of course there's always someone opposed to it, but no one that we bother with..;)

Just recently EHAP has begun to give seminars on the dangers of the Internet. How has that been received by the general public?

No. Not recently. That's something we started years ago....we've had nothing but great feedback on that. 

Can you explain to us the dangers of groups like cyberarmy attempting to stop pedophilia by DOS attacking servers hosting child pornography, etc?

Oh, don't get me started.
There is nothing good with doing illegal things. Ever. There is no excuse for doing it either.

To DDoS a server will only alert the pedophiles about the fact that someone's on to them. And it'll be up again after just seconds anyway. Might cause an ongoing investigation to go down the drain, and therefore make the pedophiles go free rather than go where they should: to jail.

To remove a site by taking illegal actions to gain unauthorized access to it isn't a good idea either. That too will make any ongoing investigations go down the drain, AND make any logs etc on that server useless in court. Good luck with proving a case against anyone that shows up in logs on a server that's been cracked. 

It's very very important to know what you're doing when you're searching for child porn. If the right authorities don't know who you are, they might put you away for pedophilia if they see you connecting to different child porn related things online. All the peds in the world make excuses for doing the things they do, and to think it'll be easy to prove you're just trying to help the cause won't impress the law.

I think they can do some good as long as they don't try to do more than just simple reporting of links though. 

What should people do if they believe they have a lead or have come in contact with child pornography on the Internet? 

Never ever, under any circumstances should they download any images etc. Just grab the link and send it off to the law. The US Customs, Interpol....they accept links from around the globe, so if you don't know where the server is based, it doesn't really matter, they'll still take care of it. If you do know where it's at, you can check out our site for a list of law enforcement (agencies) that accept info like this. If people don't want to mail them themselves, they can always mail us with the links. We get tons of those daily.

EHAP states they are looking for new members. What skills does EHAP look for in a member?

Dedication to the cause. Half a brain. Some computer literacy. We have the knowledge we need in the group as it is, but some knowledge is of course always going to be required from new members as well. It doesn't matter if the person knows a lot about just one thing, it might still be useful to us. 

We also want to know people very well before letting them into the group. Wouldn't want to get some ped infiltrating the group.

Besides becoming a member of EHAP, how can people help?

They can sponsor us, to help us go to seminars and spread our knowledge. 
They can sponsor us with computer parts. They can link to us from their website.
They can send in the info they find.

Just keep your eyes and ears open, and make sure to keep the children safe. If you think a kid is being abused, it's better to be on the safe side and report what you've seen. You might save that kid's life, and you might save hundreds of other kids in the process.

Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview, one final question...can you tell us why your named speedygrl?

The name is completely my brother's fault. He has called me that for years and years, since I never bothered hitting the brakes on bikes, blades, etc when we were kids. I'm still bad in that area, but it's gotten better....promise..;) I'm just a die hard speedfreak...;)

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