Ebooks on web.

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Ebooks on web.

Post by Nullset » Fri Feb 09, 2007 11:16 am

Disclaimer: I dunno how to write disclaimers (duh!).

There is a hack called 'parent directory' which allows you to see the parent directories. There is another one called intitle:"index +of". I will be talking about 'parent directory'.

lets start *drum roll pls*

I myself really like those self help books and like to find them in whatever way i can. One of the well known authors of self help books is Mr Brian Tracy. So lets try a search.
'parent directory' +"brian" +"ebooks"

Generally people use (those who know how to search) -htm -html or -shtml pages, but if you just look at the first search result

*drum roll*

Code: Select all

this link has a tremendous collection of ebooks , so its not always necessary to use -html -htm unless your getting spam results. Also notice how by just using "brian" i get a whole lot of links on self help books.There are many other sections in there and the good news is most of the links are not rapidshare links(duh!).

Now just think of how you can change your query according to your needs.
just type in
'parent directory' +"hacking"

and just click the first link and you get decent info related to hacking but its not awesome.
just add +"ebooks" to the last query and click on the last result.

Code: Select all

(This link was also given by THC somewhere in the forums. :))
voila!... its not just syngress you can get, just remove the "syngress/" portion and you get a hell lottta books(duh!).

now replace "hacking" with "network security" and look for

Code: Select all

possibly the third link (might change by the time you read this). Again you get a hell lotta ebooks

This way by changing your query and by thinking a bit you can get a whole lotta links.

Another method which works is passwords for ebooks. There are many sites out there few like

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

give you rapidshare links and few like

Code: Select all

which allow you to download from there server (Aint i kind!! :) ). In the former case you might see a few passwords being used again and again.

Code: Select all

. You might have seen it. Just paste it in google and hit "enter". You will see a list of results for example

Code: Select all

. Which itself has a lot of ebooks. or you can click on the third link

Code: Select all

which has another great list of ebooks.

You might also go to

Code: Select all

to find some ebooks. You can also use your creativity and enter some other passwords.

Sometimes when you download ebooks you might see a text file containing the url of another ebooks resource like

Code: Select all

a url to another forum like

Code: Select all

(This forum has excellent resource on certification material.)

Lastly you can use that 'parent directory' hack to get yourself some free music(although its not related to ebooks but who cares :))
for example entering something like
'parent directory' +"bob dylan" ...might give you some interesting results.
or 'parent directory' +"led zeppelin" for that matter.

and now lastly (yea this time its last ) those of you wishing to get more info can go to

Code: Select all

to get more info on how to search the web. I myself have learned the little that i know from there.

Thus i end this few really really last words. The mods can delete it if they want or leave it as it is or move it around to some other section. The only thing i would not like them to do is edit it unless there is a spelling mistake.

The things are easy to do in life are also easy not to do.

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Post by silas » Fri Feb 09, 2007 1:38 pm

Not a bad tutorial n_0_0_b. The search strings helped to get some extra help with current certification books. :D
Knowledge is potential,
Application is kinetic.

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Post by IceDane » Fri Feb 09, 2007 6:45 pm

Yeah, nice one amit.

Google hacking FTW!

If one weren't so politically correct, one might tell you to use your imagination to reapply these concepts to find some decent collection of movies and/or mp3s.

But unfortunately, I won't.

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Post by Aiden » Fri Feb 09, 2007 7:41 pm

Ic3D4ne wrote:Yeah, nice one amit.

Google hacking FTW!

If one weren't so politically correct, one might tell you to use your imagination to reapply these concepts to find some decent collection of movies and/or mp3s.

But unfortunately, I won't.
Good thing i'm not politically correct. :)

People should use their imagination to reapply these concepts to find some decent collection of movies and/or mp3s.
"When it takes forever to learn all the rules, no time is left for breaking them."

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Post by lonestar3457 » Fri Mar 16, 2007 9:51 pm

Well, dont think im politically correct, but i do know of some program (well it just a bunch of javascript and .htm files) that ripps of of that music service pandora. http://www.pandora.com Pandora's pretty cool because all you do is set up and account and put a song or band you like in there serch bar and it will make a costom radio station that kinda beats around the bush of that song you like. I like pandora, get most of my music from there

I couldent find the page i usually get it from,but hears the hack on digg http://digg.com/software/Pandora_Rip_Ha ... d_working)

Cool thing about it is that it saves in Mp3 format,so its good for you ipod slaves

Theres an easyer way to set it up for n00bs but i cant find the link.

Just my two sense.

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