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Hackerthreads Community Tools

Post by Aiden » Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:29 pm

Hackerthreads is a community of students, gurus, experts, and everything in-between. However, one thing that most of us have in common is the joy of programming.

Hacking, cracking, jacking – anything you want—it all can be done by hand, but tools make doing repetitive tasks much more efficient. A long time ago, Hackerthreads posted a few tools to the Tools section, which you could see at the bottom of the site. It included scanners like nmap and cracking tools like John the Ripper, all in the hopes of pointing newbies and intrigued guests to interesting tools.

Well, we’re getting rid of those. We’re a community of programmers; we can do better than that. Why restrict ourselves to just the limited collection of hacker tools out there, when we have the abilities to create anything we want? Sure, it shouldn’t be expected that staples like nmap will be replaced, but you never know what a determined programmer can whip up with some motivation.

As of today, Hackerthreads is accepting submissions for our own line of community tools. The author will retain full rights and ownership, but the tool will be promoted and backed by Hackerthreads. If you’re interested, you may submit your program to the Tool Submission forum. If you wish to provide a binary, you must provide a link to it or include it in your attachment. All attachments in the Tool Submission forum are secret; only administrators can view them (however, everyone else can see the rest of your post, so glorify the program you worked hard to make!) Because of the nature of the tools, source code must be provided for evaluation – these source codes will only be seen by moderators/administrators, and will be deleted after assessing them for suspicious activity. Programs will be evaluated for quality and will be combed for malware. When we’ve decided your program is fit to the Hackerthreads standard, it will be published in the Tools section of the site, where it can be downloaded and commented on. All official tools will receive free hosting as well.

So, if you’re a programmer and have mad skillz but can’t think of something to write, consider the following suggestions:

• Exploit/Vulnerability Proof of Concepts
• Brute force tools
• Port scanners
• Web application and dork scanners (for finding vulnerable applications online)
• Spoofing software
• Keyloggers
• Backdoors
• Anything else you think might be appropriate

We’re currently not accepting propagating viruses.

One more note on the tools: even looking at the list above, you should be able to obviously see that there will be many tools submitted to accomplish the same task. When a new tool is submitted, it will be compared to other tools that accomplish the same task. If the new tool is more efficient in terms of speed, memory use, and other factors, it will also be backed by Hackerthreads. No tools formerly accepted but replaced with a newer tool will be removed from our list of tools or will forfeit their free hosting; we will support both tools.

Got mad skillz? Show it off. Get your tools backed by a community of hackers, gurus, and experts.
"When it takes forever to learn all the rules, no time is left for breaking them."

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