Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook 0day

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Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook 0day

Post by xanatos » Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:09 am

Everyone knows the famous squirrel-sploit (for those who don’t know the search on Google or here is a wiki on squirrel-sploit : ), then the creator of this tool search an exploit in Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail (the Official video was deleted by You Tube because of dangerous contained) here's another video on Security tube :

And another tutorial on You tube which explains the operation of the bug:

Code: Select all
Finally you must know squirrel-sploit brings you the sha1 password and you must decrypt it yourself and that latter uses a method to strengthen the sha1 in the encrypt twice increasing the LOOP the sha1 (it makes it difficult to crack even if it is simple) then I suggest you use an app called HashcatGUI is available on the web or you can use this site : as it is too efficient and if you made all AC and it was not decrypt then you have to buy pay version (express version I use myself) is the best and safest method.

To download the tool here :

warning also :mrgreen: : Microsoft is trying to fool software into Windows 8 and there is also an update for Windows 7 anti-squirrelsploit, if an error occurred in the installation or any error that it should be reported in squirrel-sploit.

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Re: Microsoft Hotmail or Outlook 0day

Post by Cool_Fire » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:51 pm

Please see Topic-47285
Even better than broken Apache exploit you tried to pass off last time? Let's just say I'm not exactly filled with confidence for this one. Oh that's right, you linked the same video. Well I guess you really have nothing to redeem yourself then.

I'm also a little suspicious that Microsoft would use SHA-1 as the hashing algorithm when they use NTLM in everything else.
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