uCR DDoS Attack Method

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uCR DDoS Attack Method

Post by LinuxOS » Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:12 pm

WARNING: Do NOT run these programs. They are backdoored & malware. They are on here for those who would like them as a virus sample. The post that follows is the original with the original links. If they're taken down PM me for a copy.

Again THIS IS LIVE MALWARE! Be careful.

--Cool Fire

Hello there, due to me being new.. I'd like to share a script that I've coded.

I've already compiled them due to the protocols that I'm using are sort of private. Their also automatically being amplified by x105 (Around 28.3Gbps w/ a 1Gbit Server) using my . Using amps, you can get as high as 92Gbps w/ a 1Gbit server. This is automatically better than SSDP. If I ever become a bit more known here, I'll teach you how to code these. On this script, you don't need to filter anything! (Amps will die within 2 months).

*Note: This script can bypass OVH VAC!*
Download links:
Spoiler: show
uRC Attack Script:

uRC Scanner:
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