Brutus help or password crack request

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Brutus help or password crack request

Post by ianunderhill » Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:58 am

Hello I am a new user here and I have a simple request;
I have forgotten my password to an account on this website
the username is "encoded" could someone please crack the password for this? or teach me how on brutus as I am trying but it fails after 1 attempt. see screenshot below

Thankyou friends

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Re: Brutus help or password crack request

Post by Cool_Fire » Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:56 am

First of all, not Brutus nor any other brute force tool will probably ever get you any results. See pretty much every other post about Brutus that has been made in this forum to find out why. (The short version is that websites usually protect against this sort of thing and that Brutus is an old piece of crap anyway.)

Second, you're using the wrong attack method to begin with. You should be looking at the HTTP FORM method, not HTTP basic auth. (Finding a suitable guide on how to use Brutus' form learning should be easy.)

Lastly, if this is really your account and you've just forgotten the password as you say, why not use the password recovery form that is conveniently located directly next to the login form? There really should be no need to even bother with any of this whole, doomed from the start, brute forcing endeavor to begin with.
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