Method of Encoding

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Method of Encoding

Post by 4rchF13nd » Tue Dec 21, 2021 1:46 pm

What up ~.!

So I'm not much of a newbie, yet figure out to post my first here. I remember my starting days computer programing, writing a permutation algorithm, cycle thru and understanding for loops and such basic understand of syntax highlighting and such.

I have an idea that requires multiply languages. The goal is a communication encoder.
I am planning on writing a website that be a chat bot to a ai program. I am trying to figure it out.
Password will be a secret key but the SQL database will content a 128 VARCHAR that will be labeled "fingerprint";
Im thinking of using JavaScript to run if statements to cycle the rotation of char from one place in line to a different variable also there will be a time stamp ever calculation on the server computations from a C program that alters the SQL database with encoding, yet that is what the JAVASCRIPT to do on client machine. I would like to base64 the function, yet not sure on how that works;

The Encoding will a new define form of encryption. I figure that all intelligence agency have way to bypass most encryption with state of the art technology.
My algorithm will consist of a seed that is reliant on the time record to create key.

Any of you got any ideas?

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